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G Clamps - view all

  • G Clamp Medium-Duty 203mm (8in)
  • G Clamp Deep Throat 200mm (8in) Cap 85mm (3in)
  • Fine Thread G Clamp 102mm (4in)
  • Fine Thread G Clamp 6in
  • G Clamp Heavy-Duty 254mm (10in)

Screw Clamps - view all

  • UK60 Uniklamp Capacity 60cm
  • Professional Speed Clamp - Small 60cm (24in)
  • 420-120-1000 F Clamp Capacity 100cm
  • 420-100-200 F Clamp Capacity 200mm
  • 420-120-250 F Clamp Capacity 250mm

Trigger / Ratchet Clamps - view all

  • Mini Bar Clamp 150mm (6in) Twin Pack
  • Quick Change Bar Clamp 300mm (12in)
  • QCB-150 Better Clamp 150mm (6in) (CF 200kg)
  • QCB-300 Better Clamp 300mm (12in) (CF 200kg)
  • QCB-450 Better Clamp 450mm (18in) (CF 200kg)

Band Clamps - view all

  • BAN700 Band Clamp
  • Band Clamp 4.5m (15ft)
  • BVE Replacement Angles for BAN700 Pack of 6

Lever Clamps - view all

  • 150P One Handed Plastic Pad G Clamp 150mm (6in)
  • One Handed Turbo Clamp 150mm (6in)
  • DUO16-8 DuoKlamp Capacity 16cm
  • DUO30-8 DuoKlamp Capacity 30cm
  • DUO45-8 DuoKlamp Capacity 45cm

Edging Clamps - view all

  • Edging Clamp 65mm (2.1/2in)
  • KT5-2 Edge Clamp
  • EKT55 One Handed Edge Clamp

Locking Clamps - view all

  • 6R Locking C Clamp Regular Tip 150mm (6in)
  • Automatic C Clamp 180mm (7in) Swivel Pads Soft Grip Handle
  • GRZ20 Parallel Grips Capacity 200mm
  • Automatic C Clamp 180mm (7in)
  • Automatic C Clamp 180mm (7 in) Swivel Pads

Toggle Clamps - view all

  • STC Self-Adjusting Horizontal Toggle Clamp 60mm
  • STC Self-Adjusting Push Pull Toggle Clamp 16mm
  • STC Self-Adjusting Horizontal Toggle Clamp 40mm
  • H250 Toggle Clamp - Large

Angle & Corner Clamps - view all

  • M141 Corner Clamp 115mm (4.1/4in)
  • M140 Corner Clamp 50mm (2in)
  • WS3 Angle Clamp 55mm opening
  • WS6 Angle Clamp 100mm opening
  • Corner Clamp Light-Duty

Spring Clamps - view all

  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Hand Clip 50mm (2in) Display 18pc
  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Hand Clip 25mm (1in) Display 24pc
  • XV3-50 Varioclippix Opening 55mm
  • XV5-100 Varioclippix Opening 100mm
  • Handi Clamps 50mm (2in) Pack of 4

Rack Clamps - view all

  • T186-300 Standard-Duty Rack Clamp 30cm
  • T186-150 Standard-Duty Rack Clamp 15cm
  • T186-2 Standard-Duty Moveable Jaw
  • T186-500 Standard-Duty Rack Clamp 50cm
  • T186-600 Standard-Duty Bar Only 60cm

Sash Clamps - view all

  • Sash Clamp General Duty 1200mm Capacity
  • Sash Clamp General Duty 1800mm Capacity
  • Sash Clamp General Duty 600mm Capacity
  • Sash Clamp General Duty 900mm Capacity
  • Aluminium Sash Clamp 90cm (36in) Quick-Action

T Bar Clamps - view all

  • T Bar Clamp 120cm (48in)
  • 136/11 T Bar Clamp 2100mm (84 - 78in) Capacity
  • T Bar Clamp 90cm (36in)
  • T Bar Clamp 152cm (60in)
  • 136/5 T Bar Clamp 1200mm (48 - 42in) Capacity
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